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The Forest

The Forest Resto

The contour of Mother Nature

Situated around the lush greenwoods of Pashan Road, Pune the Forest Resto is a casual dining restaurant bar exclusively for food lovers based on nature and countryside landscapes.

Call for Identity

The hotel owners described the essentiality of a warm friendly dining area with distinctive natural meadows and a greenwood experience for the visitors.

Thrive for authentic trademark

The team Anaahat skillfully designed all the essentialities relatively to the wooden customised architecture as it was associated with the theme of nature. The sitting arrangements laid was timber uplifted structures typically found in the farms. The logo symbolized woodland style print with brown as the base colour. Analogous to the subject, the names of menu cards were titled as ‘on the rocks’, ‘on the plate’ and ‘smoke on the water’. Other supporting stationery shadowed the same effect which brightened the decor and feel of the place.


The Forest