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Kabade Raisins

Logo & Pouch Design

The Emblem –
Considering their legacy since 1975 and being pioneers in large scale grape production.
we thought of creating an emblem mark directly showcasing their identity as farmers.
on which the brand can capitalise.

A complete Circle-
As they have an in-house facility to produce, process and store
Large quantity of raisins. The circular shape reflects an end to end/ total solution with a smooth experience.
Authentic | Delicious | Nutritious
Punchline words suggested by us clearly defines what the brand wanted to convey

Pouch Packaging –
Their brand ethos centers around authenticity and a sincere effort to producing delicious raisins.  
Simply put, they strive for originality and honesty. They partnered with Anaahat to roll out a fresh identity and B2B & B2C packaging.
They Produce – Yellow, Green, Green Long, Black variety of raisins. We have tried showcasing the product through high-resolution images.
The upper section has grape leaves line arts which reflects imagination and attention to detail.
They have recently launched in the B2C area and we have high hopes that their brand will soon become a gold standard in their market.
We couldn’t be happier with the end result and are excited to continue to collaborate with their team


Kabade Raisins